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In the bambara language tumaranké means “travelers who leave their country in search of a better future”.
In Sicily a visual storytelling workshop invites unaccompanied refugee minors to reveal themselves and observe their new reality through the simplest tool at their disposal, a smartphone.
The outcome of this surprising visual diary is an intimate depiction of these kids’ life in Italy – the communities where they live, the first time attending Italian schools, funny moments with new friends, dreams, vulnerabilities and moments of solitude feeling homesick – Theirs is a private journey during which, day after day, while learning a new language, they (and all of us along with them) discover that a culture of inclusion is possible, laying the foundations for a common future.




Tumaranké is a partecipative film realized trough the  Re-future project, a one year visual storytelling workshop, dedicated to unaccompanied minor migrants based in Siracusa. The film is entirely made by the videos shot by the young participants using with their own smartphone.
Marta Tagliavia and  Camilla Paternò curated the post production, working on more than one thousand video, to create the film.




Coordinamento editoriale: Camilla Paternò, Marta Tagliavia, Simona Coppini
Montaggio: Marta Tagliavia, Edoardo Mrabito
Suono: Riccardo Spagnol
Musiche originali: Giulia Tagliavia
Produced by: Dugong Films (ITA)