Produced with Rai Cinema, with the support of Sardegna Film Commission, Liguria Film Commission.
Developed with Torino Film Lab.


Gian, a 65-year-old ethnomusicology professor, fights the darkness caused by the sudden onset of amnesia. Flashes of the past, that blend with hazy archive footage, haunt his mind like a phantasmagoria of images. Despairing, Gian tries to end things, but he fails.
In the aftermath, Miriam (30), the daughter he does not recognize, moves into his apartment with her son Elyas (5). She helps him find a diary written into his twenties that revolves around Leila, a girl with whom he discovers love in the space of one night. This emotion exacerbates Gian’s pain but pushes him to recover his memory. Who is this woman who was so important in his life? What happened to her? How is it possible that he forgot? Gian’s unmoored present day life is gradually replaced by the vivid images of that past. He will be able to find himself again and to experience a revelation. What is the mechanism that moves our memories? What happens if we forget the love of our life? And, conversely: what if they forget us?



53595c4f-3d9f-4858-b78b-567c11fca808Sara Fgaier is the only Italian who received the Rolex Prize for the Arts thanks to which she has worked with W. Murch. She has directed some short films and founded the film production company Avventurosa, collaborating in the making of all the films of P. Marcello. She worked, among others, with A. Sokurov, F. Maresco, G. Rosi, Fanny & Alexander and Alina Marazzi.


Director: Sara Fgaier 
Dop: Alberto Fasulo
Costume design: Andrea Cavalletto
Produced with: Rai Cinema and Avventurosa