With the support of Regione Lazio – Lazio Cinema International


Anita Ekberg is the quintessential diva, symbol of an era famous as “la dolce vita”. But Anita’s life was anything but “dolce; her story, is the story of an actress devoured by her own icon.
What would a contemporary star feel if she were to portray Anita? How would she feel in the shoes of a woman who was destroyed by her own success, struggling with ghosts, doubts and circumstances that led to her demise?
Alternating archive footage of Anita with the story of a contemporary star as Monica Bellucci who is offered the chance to play Anita in a movie, digging through this woman’s story, she retraces her exceptional life, frailties and chooses, reflecting on what it feels like to be an icon.
What key decisions a contemporary diva faces in order not to fall into oblivion?


Antongiulio Panizzi, is a director and tv writer with a degree in architecture. During the last fifteen years he has been working as Producer/Director for the main Italian networks, mostly prime time programs. His work includes mainly cultural entertainment and docu-reality shows. He has signed three documentaries for Sky Classica about Teatro Alla Scala, and the documentary My Way – The Rise And Fall Of Silvio Berlusconi, distributed on Netflix.


Director: Antongiulio Panizzi
D.o.p.: Alessandro Chiodo
Writers: Paola Jacobbi, Camilla Paternò
Cast: Monica Bellucci
Produced by: Dugong Films and Eagle Pictures(IT), Shoot&Post (SE)