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Just a few kilometers from Rome, the sand dunes of Sabaudia, marsh and woods of the Circeo and the Arpino waterfall become the backdrop to mythical transformations: Callisto metamorphosizes into a bear, Jupiter changes into Diana, Glaucus transforms into a sea monster and the nymph Salamachis merges forever with young Hermaphroditus’ body.
Within each metamorphosis, that of its real life protagonists also plays out, thus proposing a fresh look at Metamorphoses, a poem of extraordinary modern qualities written by Ovid before and during his exile from the Roman Empire. The film takes an imaginative approach to the theme of gender identity in contemporary society.



yanira yariv

Discovering Iranian cinema from the 50’s and Italian neorealism, where cinema and reality met to give birth to a new poetic form, Yanira decides to move from art and painting to embrace and experiment with documentary filmmaking. She directs her first short films “Un Américain à Sainte Anne” and “En attendant la rivière, tout ce qu’un petit homme peut apprendre”, and afterwards “Pérégrinations”, shot between Israel and Rumania, thus approaching those same themes that she keeps pursuing today: the idea of frontiers, belonging and identities- be it political, cultural, religious or of gender. She keeps experimenting with “Anangnina”, set in Rome’s outskirts. “Amori e Metamorfosi” is her first feature lenhgt.



Director: Yanira Yariv
D.o.p.: Armel Hostiou and Christophe Clavert
Costumes: Chiara Sabatini
Original music: Giulia Tagliavia
Country: France-Italy 2013
Language: Italian
Produced by: Acis Productions and Dugong