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It is 1764. Josef, a young Czech composer, leading a precarious life in Italy, hopes to be
accepted among the already-established composers circle in Venice, although his last
name, Mysliveček sounds almost unpronounceable for the Italians.
His real opportunity arises, when he becomes the lover of a libertine Marquise. She teaches him worldly manners, rids him of signs of a provincial upbringing and introduces him to a hedonistic existence free from religious intolerance. Thus transformed, prepared for the conquest of women and of the world, Josef gets an incredible commission: to write an opera for the San Carlo, Europe’s largest theatre, and for the biggest stars of his time.
In a few years he becomes one of the most prolific composers of his time, but the meeting with a married countess will let him clash with the establishment and discover what the fire of love will soon represent in the upcoming romantic era. He’s going to burn out. His downfall will be epic.


Petr Vaclav is a graduate of Prague’s FAMU and a scholar at Paris’s LA FEMIS. He is also a former scholar of the French Academy in Rome — Villa Medici. His first feature film Marian was premiered at Locarno Film Festival and won the Silver Leopard. His second film Parallel Worlds (2001) was one of the finalists of the screenplay competition NHK Award — Sundance and competed at the San Sebastian festival. The Way Out was released in 2014 at the Cannes Film Festival in the ACID section, making it the first Czech film to be premiered at this major film festival in 23 years. It was awarded seven Czech Lions, including Czech Lions for the best film, screenplay, and director. His Drama We Are Never Alone (2017) received the people’s Tagesspiegel Award at the Berlinale festival and the award for the best artistic contribution at the Cairo IFF.


Prodotto con il sostegno del bando: Regione Veneto- POR FESR 2014-2020
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Director: Petr Vaclav
Cast: Vojtěch Dyk, Elena Radonicich, Barbara Ronchi, Lana Vladi
Dop: Diego Romero Suarez-Lano
Costume design: Andrea Cavalletto
Set design: Luca Servino
Produced with: Mimesis Film(CH), Sentimentalfilm (SL)
Country: Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia