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From 2008 to 2012 Grottaglie, a small town in Apulia, has became one of the major center for international street art. Artists of the likes of Blu, Momo, Conor Harrington, EricailCane, Escif e Vhils and many others, have “invaded” the town with their artworks, often provocative, redesigning its geography.
It all started from visionary talent of a young guy, Angelo Milano, who invited artists from all over the world in his small hometown, Grottaglie. The idea is simple: food and hospitality in exchange for an artwork on one the city walls.
Without asking permissions nor the approval of local politicians,  self-financed and anarchic,  just like real street art requires, FAME Festival was born and shortly become one of the biggest festival of street art internationally recognised.
On the strength of the success local government become obliging and tries to have a role on it, Angelo decided to interrupt it, after five, intense editions.
Today the Festival is gone, but videos and in the memories of who was there, is amazing.



Giacomo Abbruzzese ( Taranto , 1983) graduated at Le Fresnoy in France , with special mention for the quality of the cinematographic work . In 2008 he graduated in Cinema and Multimedia Production at Bologna University. His short films have been selected in major international festivals , including Oberhausen , Clermont – Ferrand , the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal , Dubai , Angers , FIPA , Belo Horizonte . In 2013 he is selected by the Cannes Film Festival for the Cinéfondation residence. His last work “Stella Maris” is among the 12 shortfilms pre-selected for the César.

angelo milano

Angelo Milano was born in Grottaglie. After university studies in Bologna he decided to go back to where he started. Rather than go around the world he has chosen to bring the world to his home . Thus was born the FAME festival of public art , in no time it becomes an international case . Today Angelo decided to create a line of clothing , hand-printed, so was born the brand Sangue, distributed throughout Italy and in various international stores .


Directors: Giacomo Abbruzzese e Angelo Milano
Production: Dugong (ITA) La Luna Productions (FRA)

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