Project supported by Mibact, Piemonte Doc Film Fund, Lombardia Film Commission and CNC, winner of Eurimages Lab Project Award at Les Arcs Film Festival.


A river. A young boy who plays and gets lost in the woods. A naked man who wanders among the trees. A weapon. An illegal hunter. A police officer. A crime from the past. An old gold prospector. Real people, who go about their daily lives in a natural theatre where reality takes on the qualities of a fairy tale, a crime novel, a coming-of-age story. Five men at different stages of life who never meet yet are all part of one, unique, suspended narration.


cacciaAfter studying painting and film direction he devoted himself to shooting creative documentaries and to teaching visual language.  His short films and short feature films naturally span genres, covering fiction documentary and experimental cinema. He directed music videos, industrial film clips, and promos. His films Vedozero” (77′) and “La Vita al Tempo della Morte” (82′), were appreciated at several festivals, including Locarno International Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Festival del Cinema Nuovo (Pesaro), Festival dei Popoli, and the Libero Bizzarri Award. ” He lives and works in the Ticino Valley.


Director: Andrea Caccia
Cinematography: Massimo Schiavon, Andrea Caccia
Editing: Cristina Dondi, Andrea Caccia
Production: Dugong(ITA), Rough Cat (CH), Pico Film (FRA)
Country: Italy – Switzerland – France