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Séance, a meeting, takes place between the psychologist Albània Tomassini and Carlo Mollino died in 1973. Fulvio Ferrari, curator of Casa Mollino, serves a dinner for two guests, one visible and one invisible. Ancarani records and films the remarkable interview in which Mollino precise meaning and intent of his enigmatic past life and the new route to perfection, possible only in other dimensions.



ancaraniYuri Ancarani (Ravenna 1972) is an Italian video artist and film maker. His works come from a continuous mingling of documentary cinema and contemporary art. His works have been shown at international museums and exhibitions like: 55 Biennale di Venezia, Museo MAXXI (Roma), Museo Marino Marini (Venezia), R. Solomon Guggenheim Museum (New York); Prague Biennal 5 (Praga); 14 Media Art Biennale Wro (Polonia); Galleria ZERO (Milano); N.O. Gallery (Milano). And also at several festivals like:  Venice Film Festival, IFFR Rotterdam, IDFA, Hot Docs, Cinéma du Réel, Full Frame Documentary Festival.




Cast: Albania Tomassini, Fulvio Ferrari
Camera and editing: Yuri Ancarani
Sound: Mirco Mencacci
Country: Italy 2014
Lenguage: Italian
Produced by: Dugong and Sky Arte HD
in collaboration with Torino Piemonte Film Commission